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We have moved (as of August, 2014) the clinical consultation office to the Regency medical building in Thousand Oaks, co-locating with Heart Center Cardiology.  We continue with our cardiovascular disease management programs, preventive cardiology consultation, non-invasive assessment tools and, of course, our clinical research programs looking for new and innovative ways to manage cardiovascular disease.  This co-location provides enhanced clinical services such as on-site nuclear medicine, pacemaker clinic, anticoagulation clinic services and enhanced hospital coverage.

The guiding principle of the Ventura Heart Institute is that the best treatment of cardiovascular disease is its prevention. The emphasis has always been on wellness and prevention with the ideal care being proactive, rather than reactive, assessment and intervention.  The evolving healthcare landscape is increasing the emphasis on prevention and wellness.  The Ventura Heart Institute's mission has always been to provide patients with evidence-based strategies for the optimal and cost effective assessment and management of cardiovascular risks.

We also believe that clinical research improves clinical care so we have conducted over 160 clinical trials in new and novel cardiovascular therapies, with the goal of contributing to the improved care of patients everywhere.  Our clinical research offices remain at our research dedicated site on Saint Charles Drive in Thousand Oaks in collaboration with Westlake Medical Research ( to expand our mutual capabilities in clinical trials and bring these to our communities.  Dr. Loh is the Principal Investigator for cardiovascular trials.  At this ADA compliant site, we have exam rooms, an infusion-room, a lab with both refridgeration and a -80 degree freezer, dedicated clinical research monitor work space with wireless internet and copier-scanner-fax.  The investigational productstorage room has its own heating and cooling sysems with 24 hour monitoring of the drug refridegerator and -20 degree freezer.  The research facility is protected by alarm and motion detectors with the drug room having an additional two alarm systems and the requirement for biometric scanning for entry.  The research site is staffed by a research director, administator, clinical research coordinators and assistants, a recruiter and the site also supports space for sub-investigators.

We believe that lifestyle modifications with proper nutrition, weight management, exercise and judicious use of appropriate medications used to expert-guided standards provide patients the greatest probability of a good outcome.  We provide cardiovascular screening for risk assessment, education programs and clinical research protocols in our quest to provide the most up-to-date options for our patients.  The American Heart Association updated its guidelines for prevention of heart disease in women.  You can download a copy of the complete recommendations by clicking here or clicking on the summary in Dr. Loh's Second Opinion column on the subject. You may access Dr. Loh's prior Second Opinion newspaper columns and editorials by clicking on the link at the top of this page entitled "Second Opinion Columns"A summary of Dr. Loh's professional background is available by clicking the tab at the top of this page (Dr. Loh & the VHI Staff) or by going to his LinkedIn summary. You may contact Dr. Loh by e-mail by clicking here

He is Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Infermedica, an agile and innovative healthcare information technology company that is applying proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve clinical decision support and empower patients to take control of self-assessment.  We presented our solutions a the largest healthcare technology meeting in the Silicon Valley, Health 2.0, in September 2014, HealthBeat 2015 in San Francisco in October 2014, and at Health 2.0 Europe in London in November 2014.  He is a member of the Doximity Medical Advisory Board, medical advisor to Genomic Express, Tiatros (cloud-based research and clinical care-coordination), Skipta (medical community of 600,000 members), member of the Strategic Advisor group for ePocrates, Chief Medical Advisor to Confideo Labs/DoctorVirtualis (virtual reality applications in healthcare), and lead ambassador of Sermo's Cardiology Hub.

Dr. Loh has been doing presentations on "Health Care Reform" to professional and public audiences since 1992.  The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act represents a significant step towards America's achieving a just and fair healthcare system to serve its citizens.  To see his Op-Ed articles on this subject, please go to the "Second Opinion Columns" link at the top of this page and select the articles from March 2010, November 2010, January 2011, July 2012 and September 2012.

In addition, he was invited to lecture on "Harnessing Health Care Information Technology at the Point-of-Care to Improve Quality and Outcome" at the University of California - Berkeley, co-sponsored by the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) at, and the School of Public Health.  His poster on healthcare information technology was also accepted for presentation at Harvard's Inaugural America China Health Summit in Boston in September 2011.  He also presented at a regional TEDx program ( on how medical advances are validated.

We will continue to plan free public education programs themed "The Prevention of Heart Disease" in the future as we have for many years.  Topics will include the cardiovascular risk factors such as blood fat abnormalities, high blood pressure, irregular heart beats,diabetes and their lifestyle and drug management. The responses to these prior Symposia have been positive with accolades to the faculties and content.  We will continue to strive to provide up-to-date information on heart and vascular disease to the public and our colleagues, with our next CME professional symposium for health care providers scheduled for February 2016 in collaboration with the American Heart Association.



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